Colorful Fabric


Albeit fabric stores are colorful and fun to look at, I have a love/hate relationship for fabric shopping. I like it because there are so many colors and different designs, which is fun for me to look at. I also enjoy thinking about what a suit could look like and how I could design it. That's right up my alley! :)

However, sometimes it can be really crowded or I can't speak good enough in the language. That can put a damper on things--but I am learning and growing. There is so much I can do now that I couldn't do a year ago, so that's exciting! 

In the US, people generally don't buy fabric to make clothes (at least I didn't and neither did my friends). My Mom did when I was a kid, but nowadays, I feel like it's not as common. That is one thing that is a benefit here if you're into that--you can find lots of fabric everywhere for all kinds of projects!

Do you buy fabric? If so, what do you like to make with it?