A Desire for Change

For a while now, I have desired to do something different than just portrait photography. While I deeply love this, a passion has stirred within me to do something greater. 

A few years ago, I began eyeing an organization called the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers. This organization's goal and vision is simply stated: 

We are visual communicators devoted to peacemaking and breaking down stereotypes by displaying the beauty and dignity of various cultures around the world.
— http://visualpeacemakers.org/

This one sentence has really resounded within me. I love to show the beauty of people. I also love peace between people and showing who people really are. So why not be apart of this organization, to help break down stereotypes?  

All this to say, today I joined. I want to be apart of a movement, breaking down stereotypes by showing the beauty of people to the world. There are many changes happening on my website as a result. My name, Transparent Life Photography, will remain the same, but other things will be changing that you will see soon.

I will still be doing photo shoots and other such things, so please let me know if you are ever wanting photos of your family. I still get much joy from those type of photos! 

Thanks for following along with me. I'm excited for what is ahead! Check out my IGVP profile here.