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As many people have probably already done, they have set goals or resolutions for this new year 2013. I have decided to make some photo project ideas. I've always wanted a photo project to do, but I have never been really good about following through on my ideas. So, I'm hoping that you (yes, YOU) will keep me accountable. :)

These are my two ideas that I think I'm going to begin this week:

1. 52 {Inspiring} Pictures: A Picture a Week for a Year - This is what it says it is, 52 pictures a year, one a week. I'm already behind (the first week of January has already past us - whoops!). I thought about doing the 360 Picture project, but I don't think I could keep up with it. One picture a week sounds more reasonable. Now, one thing I haven't mentioned, is that I will only use my 50mm f/1.4 for these pictures. I purchased this lens last year and rarely use it. I'm hoping that this photo project will help me use it more and LOVE it. I already love it, but I want to use it and LOVE it. :)

2. The Kingdom of God in Pictures: A Photo Book - This project is comprised of photos that I have taken that remind me of or, in my opinion, show the Kingdom of God that Jesus speaks about. He talks A LOT about it, so why not create a picture book out of it!

I started this project last year, actually, but when I got my new computer, my files went with my old computer and I lost it all. :( So I have to start over (not completely - I still have the photos). I never finished this project though! Instead of just creating a book though, I want to post some of the photos online for people think about why I would see that as the Kingdom of God. 

So those are my two ideas. What are your thoughts?? Please tell me! I want suggestions and feedback! Thanks in advance! 

And a post is never a post without a picture....

This was taken in Seattle, WA this past November 2012.

This was taken in Seattle, WA this past November 2012.

Leave a comment below for your thoughts on my project ideas!