8 Days Left 'til our Depature! | Personal

T his picture is from our trip to South Asia in 2010.

This picture is from our trip to South Asia in 2010.

I love going overseas. The smells (some great, some very bad), the interactions, the FOOD (YUM!), the people, the way of life, the colors, the excitement of feeling like life is upside down, etc. I just love it all! 

We are about to embark on a trip to Thailand and we are counting down days and hours. :) It will be a total of 21 hours in the air and a total of at least 30 hours traveling with the layover. Sounds exhausting, but so exciting! :)

This trip is two fold--we have a conference/training we're going to there and secondly since we have to go anyways, why not take some time and see the country? So we're meeting some friends there and we're going to explore a bit before the conference. Kind of sad, but I think I'm more excited about Thai food more than anything. It is one of the genres of food I could eat almost every day (Vietnamese is another one)!

I'm hoping to take some interesting photos and post them on my blog here, so be looking for them! Hope you have an awesome week! Hope to post an interesting photo for this week soon. I have a few ideas up my sleeve I want to try out. :)