Moore Family | Family Portrait

I love, love, LOVE this family! They are the most fun to be around. I can guarantee always to laugh and just feel refreshed after being with them. :) Everyone needs people like that in their lives--and mine is the Moore's. :) 

We were fortunately able to meet up when we were both traveling through the Austin, Texas area and I'm so glad. We hit up this burger place (that was very eclectic--everything in Austin is interesting!) that was pretty good. And the next morning we found some cute walls and took some photos! :) yay for photos! I actually took their photos 2 years ago, and they were wanting some updated pictures. You can view those here!

Here are their photos!

2012 Moores for blog 01.jpg
2012 Moores for blog 02.jpg
2012 Moores for blog 03.jpg
2012 Moores for blog 04.jpg
2012 Moores for blog 05.jpg

Love you Moore's! :)