India | Cultural - Personal Post

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So, I had the pleasure of going to India this past March. The reason for the trip was to not only explore India and the beauty there, but to meet people and learn about their culture. It was really cool to be able to do this!

One of the girls that I spent much time with had polio. She spoke no English, but Hindi, and we were able to sit with her a few times and pray for her. She was actually a beggar, and spent most of her day begging. Most people wouldn't even give her any attention. But we decided, if Jesus were here today, He would be sitting right next to her and would love her. I know that sounds radical - and it was! Jesus was radical, and as a follower of Him, if I am actually following His teaching, I do these sort of things. That's what He did - prayed for the sick and healed them. He also did many other things, but, I won't go into all of that right now! :)

We met so many beautiful people and I loved the time I spent there. I wish I could go back to meet with them again, just to chat and see how they are doing.

These are a small few of the pictures I took on the trip. I hope you enjoy them! It was a lot of fun for me to visit another culture. I tried not to take all the 'tourist-y' type pictures, but, I slipped in a few. :) I tried to look at India from a different pair of eyes. Hopefully you see that in the following pictures.

2011 - India for blog 01.jpg

We're ready to go! :) A few of my homies on the plane.

2011 - India for blog 02.jpg

My view outside the plane. I can't remember if this was in Phoenix or in England. Probably England.

2011 - India for blog 03.jpg

Traffic is so lovely in India. :) You have all sorts of transportation - autorickshaws, rickshaws, cars, bikes, the metro (train), etc. 

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2011 - India for blog 05.jpg
2011 - India for blog 06.jpg

So this is the girl that we met that had polio. She has the most beautiful smile. I am so glad we were able to meet her. I really liked her very much. :)

2011 - India for blog 07.jpg

A few men who decided that the steps at the Masjid were comfy to sleep on. :)

2011 - India for blog 08.jpg

So the picture to the left, are different people washing for prayers. 

2011 - India for blog 09.jpg

These men were praying. I didn't realize it until after I took the picture and got home, but all of these men are in a different position praying. I thought it was very cool.

2011 - India for blog 10.jpg

This masjid was beautiful!

2011 - India for blog 11.jpg
2011 - India for blog 12.jpg

And this is BY FAR my favorite picture of the trip. This man was praying. 

2011 - India for blog 13.jpg

Some cute street kids in the masjid! They were a lot of fun. :) They like gum (which I ran out of because I kept giving them what I had! ha! Note to self: bring LOTS of gum/candy to give out!) 

2011 - India for blog 14.jpg

The picture on the left is of Old Delhi at night. It's crazy the amount of people there! To the right is Old Delhi in the daytime. The wires everywhere astound me. I just hope and pray they never have an electrical fire or something.

2011 - India for blog 15.jpg

I caught the glimpse of the rickshaw driver. :)

2011 - India for blog 16.jpg

Some friends in the doorway of some beautiful ruins we saw - and me to the right. I actually managed to have a few pictures of myself from this trip! You know, that's always the photographer's problem. Since I am always taking pictures I never have any of myself there at the event. Now there is proof I was actually there. :)

2011 - India for blog 17.jpg
2011 - India for blog 18.jpg

Okay - who can tell me what movie this picture above looks like? There is a particular scene - we began acting it out. :) (Johanna was really into it!) If you know comment below!! :)

2011 - India for blog 19.jpg

So I really love the above picture, but I have to be honest. I didn't take it! My talented friend Johanna did. :)

2011 - India for blog 20.jpg
2011 - India for blog 21.jpg

Okay, so, I wasn't planning on showing any food pictures, but I had to slip this one in at the end. These are called "Chili Fries". And YUMMY they are! :) We discovered them whenever we were eating at this restaurant and people next to us ordered them. We asked them what it was and we decided to order the same thing. They do taste as spicy as they look, but they are SOOOOOO good! I was pregnant when I was in India and I think I ate some form of potato (mostly french fries) every night for dinner. I think I was obsessed. :)

That was my trip to India. Would love to hear your comments below about your experiences in other cultures! Thanks for reading!