Phoenix Is Interesting... | Random Personal Post

So, back in April, I went with some of my good friends to the Superstition Mountains. It was all very beautiful. It's crazy how diverse Arizona becomes only within a couple hours. You can get any climate you want, really. Just drive a couple hours North from Phoenix, and in Flagstaff you'll get cooler weather, beautiful trees and mountains. And of course, if you want the 'scalding' hot temperatures of 120 :) then just stay in Phoenix. :)

Anywho, I took this random picture of this plant/thing. :) ha! Do you know what it is? I sure don't. 


Regardless, I thought it actually was a very pretty picture and wanted to post it. 

So in regards to what's up next on my blog...I hope to post some wedding pictures from a beautiful couple that just got married this past Saturday and I have a few other events (my trip to India and the Miss Arab Pageant from last November) that I'd still like to post, even though I haven't done that yet. Whoops! Time just keeps flying. ;)

Hope you're having a great week!