Jessica + Jason | Wedding

Meet Jessica and Jason! :) I was asked by James Almanza to second shoot this lovely wedding and it was a blast. Thank you James for asking me to shoot with you.

The venue they chose was The Farm at South Mountain. It was SUCH a beatiful spot! It's a gem in the middle of desert Phoenix! I hadn't seen that much grass and trees since living in Texas! :) ha! I'm now getting used to the rock front and back yards and dust. :) Oh, and how can you forget the 100+ degree weather in May? :) 

Anyways, I digress! I hope you enjoy these few shots that I got of this lovely couple. Jessica and Jason, I wish you the best! Thank you for allowing me to come on board with James and share your special day. I hope you cherish the photos we took forever.

Enough of my blabbering - here are some shots! :)

2011-Jason+Jessica 01.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 02.jpg

They had a super cute candy buffet all decorated up!

2011-Jason+Jessica 03.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 04.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 04-5.jpg

So I had the privlege of photographing Jason on his wedding day, while James photographed Jessica. So guys can get ready really fast I learned! :)

2011-Jason+Jessica 05.jpg

Jessica was so beautiful walking down the aisle! Loved her dress. The beadwork on her dress, on the right side where all the fabric gathers, it's actually from her mother's dress. It was a beautiful touch, I think.

2011-Jason+Jessica 06.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 07.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 08.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 09.jpg

You can tell Jason is so happy here! :)

2011-Jason+Jessica 10.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 11.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 12.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 13.jpg

Ring shots! Fun fun fun! :)

2011-Jason+Jessica 14.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 15.jpg

They had a 'cupcake' cake. It was very tasty, too! :) 

2011-Jason+Jessica 16.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 17.jpg
2011-Jason+Jessica 18.jpg

Thanks for looking!