The day everything changed...

So, it's pretty crazy that one little line can change so much in someone's life. What one little line...this one! 


Yes, we're pregnant - if you haven't heard yet. :) We are 12 weeks and going strong. :) I haven't been sick at all (well, I threw up once, but it wasn't so bad I found out). We're very excited for this new journey that God is placing us on. It's been a wild one so far, and I can't imagine what having kids will be like. 

So back to what I was saying, this little line...this little, baby, is on it's way and it's already been changing my thoughts, the way I am doing things, Josh and my conversations, etc. I know I am thankful that God made the gestation period 9 months - I can't imagine if it were any less!

I've been thinking through many things, in thoughts of becoming a 'mommy', and here are some things that have been coming through my mind:

-I need to begin now giving up my child. I know that sounds crazy, but, God has shown me so clearly that this baby is His. That this baby, is totally in His grip. And no matter how much it might seem that the baby is in my control, I should start now being in the habit of giving this child back to Him. While I must do all that I can for he/she, I should still constantly give this gift back to Him--afterall, He is making this baby right now and knows everything about him/her. He knows him/her so much better than I ever will! I think this is going to be a lifelong lesson!

-I have a huge learning curve when it comes to taking care of a baby - another person! ack! I can barely take care of myself and Josh! :)

-What will it be like to raise a child in another culture? Another country? Josh and I know that where God has told us to go, He has called our children to that, too--but what will we face in raising our child? And raising them in a way that they will choose Jesus over other things? I'm sure this is a common thought even living in one's own can't force someone to choose the things you have chosen. I think this goes back to my first point. :) 

-I have a feeling that having this baby is going to really challenge my selflessness..or lack thereof. :) I have been thinking of how much I am going to have to stop doing...maybe even sacrifice to take care of this little one. How glorious I think it will be, but at the same time, I imagine it will be challenging over time. I know it will be worth it, but, I don't want to be naive of potential feelings that I might feel.

Any mom out there have any comments regarding my comments? Would love to hear them. :) I am going to be recording my 'journey' on this blog, even though it is my photography blog. I hope to post pictures of my baby bump (when it comes and isn't just my belly fat anymore :) and just share what I'm feeling.

Hope you follow along with me through this process!

Thanks for reading!