To put it nicely, baking is not my thing... | Personal

As you've seen from previous posts (read this post for a laugh) I'm not the best person to go to for cooking, baking, etc. I can cook. But when trying new things, sometimes it can be a train wreck. Or in this case a burnt smelling apartment. :)

I always have good intentions that go sour. 

So if you've read my previous post (about Bare Fruit) then you can see where this is heading. I decided that I wanted to try to make my own apple chips. I did some preliminary research online and found many recipes. It's very simple - just slice up your apples, put them on a *cookie sheet that is not non stick* and bake at 225 for one hour. 

Simple right? 

Yeesh. My simple situations turn too complex. Here is what mine looked like:

2010 Apple Chip Disaster 01.jpg

Now, I can somewhat blame this on my husband, as we went over to a friend's house randomly, and I was trying to get him to leave because of the apple chips in the oven, and when we got back they looked like this. But, then we later realized when doing batch #2, that I had the temperature wrong in the oven. 

Whoops! :)

My second batch wasn't burnt, but I didn't use a cookie sheet that wasn't a non stick. I couldn't even take the apples off the sheet to turn them over. The ones I could get off were pretty tasty.

Whoops again! :)

So next time (if there ever is a next time for me) I will follow directions better. 

That is my random story of the week. :)

Have a great weekend!