What do you think they're carrying? | Archive Photos

The best piece of advice I received before going overseas on our trip to South Asia this past March through June was that I was going to see things that were not normal, or at least, not normal to me. And when I see those things, act like it is normal. So many times, I had to hold my tongue or try not to gaze when I saw things that I had never seen before.

While this photo isn't something outrageous, it isn't normally something you see as you are driving down the street. In fact, when I saw this I was amazed. Here's what I saw:

2010 For Blog.jpg

My questions:

-What are they carrying?

-How is that donkey carrying all of that and them?!

-How did they get all of...whatever that is...on the cart and how is it staying?

Anyways, I saw things like this all the time and it was astounding. An entirely new way of life - the beauty of seeing this different perspective is that it shows me that not everything we do here in the US is the right answer, but really just another way of living life. There are all types of different ways to live.

So my question to you - what do you think they're carrying?? Or if you're from South Asia, do you know what they're carrying? Share the info! Would love to hear!