My Top 3 Mistakes During a Session | Business

I don't know about you, but I've made my mistakes during a session. Or if you are just starting to do photo shoots, I can guarantee that you will make a mistake. It's inevitable - especially if you're trying to grow the skills that you have. 

So these are a few things I thought of that I've caught myself doing before in a session:

1. I forgot to look at my ISO setting.

It's always a good rule of thumb to look at your ISO before you do any shoot. And, if you're like me and you don't shoot at the same place, location or time every time (and it's outside), chances are, you need to change it.

A few times I have taken a shot and by chance I've looked down on my screen and saw this 'washed out' picture that was anything but good. Fortunately, I've always been able to adjust my settings and take another picture and it turned out great, but this is definitely something to look out for.

2. I get excited and forget to do a certain pose.

Call me a dork, but photo sessions get me SO excited! If you've ever done a shoot with me, you will hear the common phrase of, "One more..." or "This is looking so GREAT!" with a big smile. I just LOVE to photograph people and be creative. 

I even get more excited when I see something different than I saw before and do that too. 

Even though excitement is great, sometimes I forget to do what I was wanting to do!! Now this is easily correctable (especially if you haven't changed locations or anything) but I have caught myself doing this as well. Whoops! This 'mistake' isn't that tragic, but sometimes I am disappointed after a shoot when I realize I didn't get one of the shots I was hoping for.

What I do to change this, is sometimes I will write down specific shots I want to make sure and get. Sometimes the lists in my head don't make it into my lens, so it's better to write it down, just to make sure I don't forget it.

3. I don't have suggestions from the client on what they want from the shoot.

On weddings, I have sheets that the Bride/Groom fill out before we even get to the day so expectations are crystal clear. But my sessions are really laid back and we just go with the flow. Whatever creative idea comes into my mind while we're shooting, we do it. Even client's suggest things - which I LOVE, by the way. It makes it more fun whenever everyone is creating together.

But, I do think that it is imperative that you should ask your client before the shoot what they want from their session. When setting up a session, I generally ask them what they are looking for in a shoot and they tell me what they're thinking - like I want park pictures, or something urban - and then they leave the poses up to me. Most of the time, they tell me that they don't know what poses they want and that they will leave it up to me. And that's totally fine, but I have found myself not asking enough (even during the shoot) if they want anything else or that sort of thing. 

It's good to cover all your bases, you know?

What have been your mistakes during sessions? What do you want to grow in?

I hope that this maybe encourages you today in your ventures in photography. Hope you have a great week! Yay for Monday's! :)