My Adventures in Sewing | Personal

Let me just preface this post with I stink at posting every day. :( If anyone has any ideas on how I should change that, let me know.

So I have a quirky husband, if you didn't know, and he wanted to find a little coin purse/wallet that he could carry around and put his change in. He didn't like the loose change in his wallet or in his pocket, so he wanted to put it somewhere.

We have spent countless hours trying to find one at stores. We have gone everywhere - including thrift stores - and have found nothing he likes. Well, and the largest reason is that normally MEN do not want a coin purse!! :) So all the coin purses are for women and they are really cute, not meant for guys.

So after much begging on my part, he decided to let me make him a coin purse! This was my first venture into sewing something other than buttons back on shirts. I don't have a sewing machine, so I did this all by hand. :) 

So we went to Joann's, and I picked up some thread, a zipper, and some scrap fabric. I already had needles and pins. And this is what came of it:

2010 DIY Coin Purse 01.jpg

He picked out the color of fabric and zipper color and I really do think it turned out quite well. It took me, doing it by hand about 4 hours to do. I've never done anything like this before - I think the most I have ever stitched was on a quilt that had been put together by me and all I was doing was stitching the pieces together. And, I dabbled a little in cross stitching, but I've never made anything like this before.

2010 DIY Coin Purse 02.jpg
2010 DIY Coin Purse 03.jpg

He seems to like it, but he's pretty picky. He told me that it would grow on him. :) 

Regardless, I am quite happy the way it turned out, especially that it's my first one! :) It was a lot of fun making!

Happy Saturday - hope you have a great day of relaxation!