Learn from My Mistakes | Personal

So the past few days have been grueling! I have spent countless hours trying to get rid of a virus (or viruses) off my computer and finally - I have found victory! Yes! I even started a little victory dance whenever the program got rid of it!

The basic gist of this virus is that it wouldn't let you get near your antivirus - it disabled it, wouldn't let you update it, it wouldn't let you go to any antivirus websites, it wouldn't let you go to any sites that had anything to do with viruses or malware, and it made your computer go r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w...

After trying tons of different methods, the one that ended up working for us was Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware program. What a gem! It got rid of whatever was on my computer! And I think I tried maybe 20 different things? (Seriously - I'm not kidding!)

So, SO glad that part of life is over...or at least for now.

So the regular life of "Ashley" will resume tomorrow - meaning a Learning and Growing post on what I'm learning this week in the Photography world!

And since a post is not a post without a picture, here is a random picture a puppy (she belongs to good friends of ours!):

2010 Morgan for Blog 01.jpg

Stay tuned - see you soon!