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Bare Fruit. 

Have you ever heard of this before? I hadn't until the other day.

Josh and I were shopping at Sprouts, getting all our fruits and veggies, and as we were walking through one of the aisle's where there was some canned items, I noticed on the bottom of the shelf a bright red bag that exclaimed "Bare Fruit". 

As I stooped down to examine the packages and read the label, I realized that was exactly what it was. Fruit, that has nothing added to it, hence the name "Bare" proceeding before "Fruit". 

They are apples that this company has baked dry. And literally, it's just apples. When I look at the ingredients, all it says is "Granny Smith Apples" or whatever type of apple the package contains. So I begged, well, sort of begged Josh to get them, and we did.

We got the cinnamon apple chips and WOW, I was really impressed! They are very crunchy and tasty. And, as it says, all that is inside is apples and cinnamon. 

So if you get a chance, you should go get some!! 

2010 - Baked Apple Crisps for blog 01.jpg

Another fun thing, is that I recently have found a job. Yes, I'm a working 9-5 lady now. But, that doesn't stop me from doing photography on the side now (as I did in Dallas, TX as well). I'm basically staring at pictures all day long, editing them and processing them. It's actually been enjoyable and I think it will help me get better at the editing side of photography. :)

I hope that you have an awesome weekend!