Frisbee Golf & Puzzles | Personal

It's amazing how change can throw your day/week off. Hence the reason why I haven't posted since last Wednesday! Yipes!

A lot of new things will be happening soon and I'm trying to figure out the correct balance of them all. So please bear with me as I figure out my schedule. :)

On a more fun note, today has been an exciting day. We have not only finished the 1500 piece puzzle Josh and I've been working on, but we played some great disc golf!

You can see a picture of us here that I snapped while we were out on the course:

Josh looks so young in that picture! It's amazing what shaving a beard off does to a person. :)

And in greater news, I have found a job. :) It's a photo editor position with a Photography company. I'm quite stoked about it. I think it will be perfect for gaining more experience.

That is the latest from me. Be looking for new posts this week!