Afraid of Babies | Babies

About 2-3 years ago I began to notice that I get a little antsy around could say that I'm actually afraid of them. Silly sounding, I know.

They're so small, delicate looking and I am afraid that I'll hurt them. I'm so awkward around them. I think this is mostly due to the fact that I didn't have them around growing up. I have baby sat before several times and I do fine with it, but there is still something about babies that makes me feel awkward.

Whenever my older sister had her baby, Savannah, Oh, how excited I was. I actually got to hold her a few days after she was born. Amazing. Because of some of the issues my sister was having with after the pregnancy, I actually took care of Savannah a few days and it was so wonderful. This tiny, little baby is completely dependent on me to feed, wash, change the diaper and clothe her. It was so amazing. I loved taking care of her. 

So the other day, for about an hour, we watched a friend's baby and he's the cutest thing ever. I had to post a picture about him, because he is just too cute. :)

2010 Josiah for Blog 01.jpg

I think he liked me. :) 

I do think that the 'awkwardness' will pass one day. Maybe after we have our own children? Perhaps..

Anyways, cheers to babies and new life!


Oh, and I forgot one thing...I never was able to finish up pictures from our trip overseas, so I will be posting some more of those soon.