Goodbye Beard | Personal

I have been with my husband for 9 years now! Unbelievable. 

5 1/2 years of dating, and now almost 4 years of marriage. We can't believe that we've been together this long. 

During this entire span of time, Josh has always had some kind of facial hair, except when he was in high school. He actually used to shave his head and his face. So I've been looking at his face with facial hair for 7 years roughly.

And he recently has shaved it all off.

I mentioned this in a tweet a few weeks ago and I'm now used to it! He looks TOTALLY different. I like it, though. :)

So here is a picture with him and his beard. This picture was taken overseas on our trip.

2010 Josh for blog 02.jpg

And here is a picture of him now, without a beard.

2010 Josh for blog 01.jpg

Night and day difference!!!

Whenever he first shaved it I kept staring at him. I was in disbelief that he was really my husband. I mean, I've been looking at him for the past 7 years with at least a goatee, and then for the past two years with much hair on his cheeks and chin. I do like the change, though. 

But then, I kind of miss the beard. I know, that probably sounds strange, especially since most girls don't like guys with beards, but I really liked his beard. I didn't realize how long it had gotten overseas though! Pretty crazy. He had a serious beard going on. :)

That is the random post of the day - and leave Josh some love. Do you like his new look? Especially you Dallasites - you've never seen him without hair on his face. What do you think??