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So this archive photo of the week is something I absolutely love to do.


If you've never heard of CrossFit then you're missing out! Some people would probably disagree with me, especially since you're sore a lot and some of the workouts make you want to die...but that's besides the point! :) (I am kidding about the workouts making you want to die) It is great.

We first were introduced to a CrossFit gym (or affiliate) when we went to CrossFit Plano in Texas. After going a few times we were hooked. I think what I enjoyed the most about CrossFit Plano specifically was the people. There is such a strong emphasis on community within the gym and I really miss the people there that I worked out with. As well, CrossFit Plano incorporates other things at their gym that other affiliates don't (like Z-Health), which made it extra special to us. (Troy I so gave your gym a plug and I don't even live there anymore!!)

There are several CF affiliates near us, in fact there is one called CrossFit Southwest that isn't too far from our home (I think 5 miles?). We haven't had the chance to go there yet, but have been working out at parks and at the gym in our complex with our makeshift equipment. It works for now.

The archive photo of the week is during the Murph Challenge (which prescribed is: 1 Mile Run, 100 Pull Ups, 200 Push Ups, 300 Squats and finish up with another 1 mile run). These people running are just starting the challenge.

2009 CF Murph For Blog 01.jpg

I hope that you have a great Wednesday (Is it really Wednesday?! I surprised myself when I said that!)