Whoops! Let me try this again... | Personal

This phrase, "Whoops! Let me try this again..." was constantly said a few days ago when I was trying to figure out how to make good Chai Tea. 


We were having a guest from South Asia coming to our home, and I wanted to give him a good cup of Chai. As most people know, South Asians, in particular those from Pakistan/India, LOVE chai tea. On our trip to South Asia, one of the families we met drank 10 cups of tea A DAY! Sick! Well, not to them, but that is a lot of tea, milk and sugar!!!

Anyways, so Josh and I went to the store and I strategically (as much as I knew to be) picked out two boxes of tea and some milk (I already had sugar at home).

Batch #1: So my first batch (using two tea bags) turned out okay...lol Josh was my taste tester (poor guy!). The first batch lacked the taste of tea.

Batch #2: So I tried a similar but different method, using two tea bags again. And AGAIN, it didn't taste like tea. Mostly milk and sugar. I guess if people like the weak (very weak) taste of tea, then this is perfect for you.

Batch #3: By this time, I realized that I needed to follow the directions on the box (GO FIGURE! Sometimes I amaze myself). :) This time I used 10 tea bags, 1 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of sugar, and boiled it all together. It wasn't too shabby. Josh said it tasted pretty good. I felt pretty good about that.

Batch #4: This was the real batch that I needed to care about, because, our South Asian friend was at our house, expecting some decent tea. Whew. Talk about pressure! So, I prepare everything like I did for Batch #3, and then went to make sure everyone wanted tea. I walked in the room, and said, "I'm assuming everyone wants tea, right?" And our South Asian friend, with a surprised face says, "Yes, I would love tea. Can I have mine with no sugar?" 

Oh Crap. I thought in my mind. All I know is to make this tea with sugar. "Sure!" I replied enthusiastically, trying not to let on that his comment threw a wrench in my perfect plan.

After thinking for like 5 seconds, I decided to do his cup of tea the more "traditional" way (boil water, put the tea bag in the cup, pour the water over the tea bag, add milk, done). Everyone else got what I originally planned and all was well. At least I think. My husband affirmed me (thank you hun hun) and so did another one of our guests, but as for our guest from South Asia - I'll never know. lol

So, after my 4 batches of tea, I used 26 bags of tea. That is a lot of tea.

Now, if you come over to my home, you can have decent tea - hopefully this newfound skill will improve :) - and this time, I won't go through 26 bags of tea!

Have a great day!