78 lbs of...!!! | Personal

Before moving to Arizona, we had heard about a Co-op from a friend in this area. The Co-op is called Bountiful Baskets, and it's quite amazing. 

Within the first week of moving here, we purchased a conventional basket and anticipated Saturday when we were going to pick it up. We were SO excited. Yes, we're dorks - getting excited about produce!! ha!

Anyways, so on Saturday morning, we went and got our basket and were so impressed at how much you got. Our entire fridge and produce cart were filled with yummy goodness - AND, there were a few odd things I had never tried cooking before that were tossed in (like white asparagus - who cooks with white asparagus?? I've never even heard of it until that day!).

So, we decided to do it again this week, but this time we thought we'd buy two baskets. Again, we were excited and kept thinking, "what might be in our baskets this week?" We got there at 7:00 AM (which is too early for a Saturday) with our white laundry basket ready to pick up our items. 

It was quite overwhelming!

Once we stuffed our white basket, both of us had to carry it to our car. We were quite amazed, again, at how much fruits/vegetables there were.

So much so that we weighed it - which it ended up being 78 lbs of produce for $31.50! Which, with all the produce we got, it averages out to be 40 cents/lb for each item. Unbelievable!

2010 BB For Blog 01.jpg

So, we began to think, I wonder what's all inside of this basket? I mean, we saw it all, but wanted to write down and see if it was really worth $31.50.

2010 BB For Blog 02.jpg

So included in our baskets was:

Watermelon – 2

Pineapple – 3

Peaches – 6

Pulouts – 10

Bananas – 14

Tomatoes – 4

Blueberries – 2 pints

Romaine – 2 heads

Grapes – 3 lbs

Cauliflower – 4 heads

Corn – 12 ears

LRG Japanese Cucumber – 4

Yukon Gold Potatoes – 10 lbs

2010 BB For Blog 03.jpg

I'm still amazed at how much we really got. Now the challenge is to use it all before it goes bad!! If you live in an area where Bountiful Baskets exist, I would suggest trying one basket. It really is an amazing deal and you get to eat healthy! :)

2010 BB For Blog 04.jpg

This picture above is our microwave stand/produce cart. Josh and I made it after we moved because we wanted a place to put all of our produce (so it wasn't all on our counters). And, we wanted a place to put our microwave. So tada! We made a microwave stand/produce cart! I picked out the color to paint it and I think it turned out nicely.

Anyways, that is our new adventure each week. You should try it if you get a chance!