As we walked into the building of the first shrine we had ever visited in our lives, we were amazed at the details of every tile and carving. The beauty of it was so enrapturing - you could never take it all in. It was simply too much.


Shrines like this one cover this city like churches do here in the Southern U.S. There are too many to visit, but all are so beautiful in their own way. We had the privilege to visit two of the many to see the culture and experience what people living here do day-to-day. It was said to us that 70% of the people in the city visit the shrine at least once each week.

The inside was just as detailed. The left picture is looking directly up at the ceiling. It went so high. It makes you wonder, since it is so old, how long it took to create this magnificent structure with all its detail. The right picture is of one of the graves. Men and women come here weekly to pray. They rub the cloth on their faces that lays over the tomb and throw flowers on the grave - the reason they do it is to not only show respect, but to also gain favor. They believe that these pirs, or saints, are the 'gateway' if you will to praying to God. Almost like an intercessor. 


These are pictures that were taken looking over the city. It seems that these shrines are in the center for all to go to them.

This was another shrine nearby the other one. It was just as beautiful in its' details.


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