Typically, when I session, I love to photograph people - their expressions, their cultures, their love, etc. The pictures you're about to see, I randomly shot while around different cities. It's very different than what I normally shoot, but I think it is good to branch out from what you're comfortable with.

Going on this trip was way out of my comfort zone. The culture being completely different, I didn't know what was down or up. I couldn't speak the official language, I didn't know what any of the dishes were (except one or two), I didn't even know how to get around the city! It was a mess, but what a growth opportunity!!

I feel that in order for me to grow in any aspect, I have to push myself beyond my normal limits - beyond my normal comfort zones. Hopefully, you've seen different things that I've never produced before on my site in the past month or so.

There is much more to come after these pictures - two senior portraits and many more pictures from my trip explaining the culture that I experienced for the past three months. I hope that you've enjoyed these.



Hope you enjoy your weekend. :)