Making Chapati!

The staple here in this country is rice and a bread called, "Chapati". Theoretically it's easy to make, but a girl like me has some trouble. :) I'll one day refine my skills to become a great Chapati maker.


The dough consists of flour, water and salt. Once you knead it into the correct consistency, you make little balls, roll them out, slap them in your hands a few times and then throw them on the skillet. Once one side has spent some time cooking, flip it, and let it cook some more. Then at some point, you put it on the open flame (like she is doing in the picture above). Once it gets some brown on it, it's finished. :) 

Before and after shots of the Chapati!


It looks difficult, but it's not that difficult. And it's tasty with curries and other meals. Yum! :)

Off to go work on my chapati-making skills! ;)