The Food

So one of the big differences between home and here, is definitely the food. Everything is eaten with a type of bread such as chapati or roti(which looks like a tortilla), naan, paratha or rice. If you eat rice you don't eat chapati, if you eat chapati you don't eat rice. You never mix the two.

Everything is cooked in a lot of oil. Foods are never dry here. Having a vegetable not in some kind of sauce would be weird. So like steamed vegetables don't exist - or at least I haven't had them here with any family or restaurant!!

Another crazy thing about the food is that it is crazily fresh. In the US I feel like I have pay so much for fresh foods and here that's all you get.

Here are a few pictures of typical food:


This is the Father of the home and he's actually making butter. I have never seen this in the US before!!!! Have you?! The crazy thing is that it tastes TOTALLY different than processed butter. If I had to choose between butter here or home, I think I'd choose here.

These dishes are all good. Wish I could remember the names of them! ha! :) Chapati is the bread in the upper right corner of this picture. 

This is Naan. Naan is much more puffier than chapati.

This food has been amazing to eat here, but I am ready to eat some Mexican food. :) I can guarantee you that will be the first meal I have when we get back! :) ha!

Have a good one!