Rural Life & Education

Most major cities in this country have education systems and fairly good schools to send your children to. But, the villages that surround these cities, some of them don't have schools at all.

One of the families we have visited, one of the men own a NGO called, LWCO - Little World Community Organization. They focus on bringing education to children who do not have access and bringing skills to women that will make income for their families (like stitching).

We had the privlilege of going to these schools and seeing everything. The children were SO adorable! I just wanted to hug them all. :)

I took many pictures, so here are a few that I want you to see.


This was on our way out to the more rural areas.

It is very common to see many people working in the fields. I'm unsure what exactly they were working with in this picture.

This woman was working with sugar cane. We actually tried sugar cane from this field. Our friend stopped the vehicle, asked us if we wanted to try it and we did! You first peel back the outer layer which is really thick and hard. The inside is sweet and juicy. You break off a piece, bite off a piece and suck all the juice out. Then you spit out the remains. It was surprisingly good. :)

In case you don't know what fruit this is, it is guava. Quite yummy too. Sometimes what people do is cut it up and put masala on it. Masala is a spice that is spicy. I don't like it on guava. Yuck! It's a hit here though!

Yes, there are two men, sitting in dirty water with carrots. They are actually cleaning these carrots by moving their legs back and forth. It looks pretty yucky and when we ate them that night, it was hard to not think about their feet. But, nonetheless, they were tasty. :)

And now we're to the schools. This picture here is a woman embroidering a piece of cloth. They do all sorts of designs. They are absolutely beautiful and these women really have talent. They have such an eagerness to learn and help provide for their family.

The children are no different than the older women. I've never seen children want to learn as much as these kids do. They highly value education and can't wait to come to school every day.

I think this little girl was a little scared of my camera. :) How cute she is though!

Some of the students were so excited to meet us, some of them were really shy. All in all, there was so much joy that filled our hearts when they wanted to show us what they had been learning. Most of the time when we visited the school, they had a small presentation which involved singing or a drama. Everytime we came to a different school, they would all stand and say "Assalam Alaikum," which basically means "Hello". It was sweet.

When the children would stand, they would fold their arms across their chest. At first we wondered why and asked, and it is basically to show respect to their elders when they talk to them. After I noticed when this little girl did it, I noticed every child did it to me when they spoke to me.

This family was interested in what was going on, but was too shy to come over.    



Not sure if you notice this, but there are three men standing on a cart with a donkey pulling it. I don't think I could ever do that on the roads here. I would fall off as soon as the donkey began to move!!

Thanks again for looking! Hope to post more soon!