Problems That Exist

As in all cultures, many problems exist. In this culture, it is everything from lack of work, drug addictions, to people living on the streets, taking showers in sewage. While that isn't fun to think about, this is a serious problem here in this city.

As our friend took us around to see these things, both of our hearts broke as we watched people inject themselves with cocaine and other drugs. The crazy thing is that no one is stopping them. The even more saddening thing is, that most people see them and keep walking by on a daily basis. These people are hopeless and want to die.

After seeing these things, all I could do was cry. It was so REAL and heartbreaking. I just wasn't watching it on the TV. It was right infront of me. You don't see these things in plain view where I'm from. They are behind closed doors. Here it is just down the street.

Anyways, I took some pictures of these things. Some of the pictures I took I don't feel comfortable sharing online yet - maybe another time. These are not graphic, so don't worry about that.


These men sit outside every single day waiting for someone to come by and offer them work. They are local people, not immigrants or foriegners, but people who were born here. And they daily come to this spot to sit and wait.

And these are homes. Could you imagine living in a place like this? You couldn't escape the dust, the heat, anything. The trash piles you see completely surround these areas. These people who live here dig in the trash hoping to find something that they can make and then sell to someone else. Some of the children here don't wear clothes, or just wear a top and no bottoms. Forget undergarments, that is a luxury. This is a hard life.


I could share more, but I will leave on this note. Sorry for a more somber post. The next post will be more 'uplifting' - promise.

Until next time,