Call me crazy, but I've never made a snowman before until yesterday!

If you have been watching the news, then you would know that a lot of places have been hit with massive amounts of snow in the past few days - Dallas was one of them! It was SO much fun yesterday playing in the snow. This is a luxury that I never had growing up in Houston. You NEVER have snow and if you do it never sticks - especially this much!

Traveling to work was surreal, as everything looked like a postcard. Snow fell hard all night on Wednesday, all day yesterday and into the night tonight. It is crazy how the snow is still outside on our lawn! It's beautiful! :) I love it.

So as I mentioned before, it was my first time to make a snowman. Here he is:


His eyes, nose, smile and buttons are made out of cough drops! ha! That's all we had! :) We got creative. My husband and I did it together. I don't know if he's still alive in our front yard, but it was SO much fun making him! :)

Anyways, I had to share! Hope you enjoy your weekend!