Horseshoes | Another Random Post..

This is another random post (as the one before it was), but I like posting pictures from my regular life that most people don't get to see. While I have tons of editing to do (folks, it's A LOT!), I'm taking a short break to share with you random events in my life.

Like the game of Horseshoes.

I don't know about you, but whenever I was a kid, I hated playing this game. I thought it was the most boring game on the planet. I now have a different opinion! :)

When we went on our trip this past June (in 2009) to Arizona for a couple of weeks, when we were staying at a 'retreat' like center, they had a horseshoe game set up and people would go and play during our breaks. Often times, Josh and I would play against each other. I rarely won, but WOW, it was so much fun! I really enjoyed it.

So when even though you might not think you like a game, try it again. You never know if you will look at it differently or change your mind!

That's it for today. :) Thanks for listening to my rambling.

Anyone else like this game? :)