Want some cilantro? | Random Post

I really like food. A lot.

Especially when you have garnishes on top that add so much flavor. Cilantro is one of them that I just love to put on top of things - enchiladas, eggs, burgers, etc. It's really good freshly chopped. Yum!

When I was hanging out with some friends the other day, I took these random pictures of cilantro. :) 

2010 - Cilantro for blog 01.jpg
2010 - Cilantro for blog 02.jpg
2010 - Cilantro for blog 03.jpg
2010 - Cilantro for blog 04.jpg

If you haven't tried cilantro, seriously...you're missing out.

And that's my random post for the week!! :) 

So upcoming soon is some pictures of some cute, CUTE kiddo's. Will be posting those probably next week! In the meantime, I might just take some more random pictures of food. :) hehe

Have an awesome Thursday!!