I think I should stop baking...! | Personal aka random :)

I have been trying to bake...I've tried baking apples to make apple crisps (that didn't turn out too well) and now I've tried muffins! Particularly blueberry muffins! I had a craving for some when I was with some friends of mine and decided that I was going to make them.

I actually had all the ingredients at home, so last Wednesday I made the batter (which smelt so good, by the way) and put them in the oven and cooked them. They came out looking beautiful:

2010 Muffins for blog 01.jpg

...but, I guess 'beautiful' isn't synonymous with 'tasty'. 


Josh and I tried some after our dinner and they are okay. They aren't so amazing that you'd eat the pan in one setting! 

2010 Muffins for blog 02.jpg

I was pretty dissapointed. I followed the recipe exact (well, minus the flour, we had pastry flour so I used that..maybe that was the problem) - I'm thinking it's the recipe's fault. That sounds good to me. :) At least it makes me feel a little better. :) hehe

So I am going to try this again soon and hopefully they will be amazing in both look and taste!