2009 in a Glance

2009 has come and gone folks! It's crazy to me how fast time has flown and we are now in 2010! I never thought 2010 would come!! ha!

In the year 2009 I met some of the most amazing people who really impacted my life! It was so much fun being a part of their lives and showing the beauty of their life with my camera.

This year was a lot of 'firsts' - my first engagement sessions, weddings, children's, and more. It was a year of challenge as I was in situations where I had never been before (extremely dark lighting, etc). It also was a challenge to learn how to balance my full time job, photography and several other things.

But, I made it! And on to a new year with so many exciting possibilities!!

I wanted to celebrate the year of 2009 by showing my favorites from all the shoots I did. I hope you enjoy and thank YOU for making this year!