Rene (the AMAZING!) | Portrait

Rene is amazing. She is one of those friends who I am so thankful for! She is fun to be around and we always seem to get into some kind of deep conversation. You never know what will happen when you're with her.

Another thing about Rene is that she is an A-MAZING pianist and musician. She plays the violin and sings, as well. She is extremely talented. She recently finished studying at a school to learn how to record in a studio (I'm unsure the techincal term - a studio engineer maybe?). We decided to trade services - she recorded some of my music for taking pictures of her in the studio.

Honestly, for me this was a dream come true. I have been writing music ever since I got my guitar 8 years ago and have always been eager to jump in the studio to record. We were able to get one song recorded fully and another partially finished. I was SO excited. I can't tell you how many times I either began crying in the studio or was so filled with joy I couldn't stop smiling. Rene totally made a dream of mine come true. THANK YOU friend! :)

These pictures are my end of the deal - which it was so much fun! The best deal I've ever made with someone by far! :)

So, just to put a plug in for my friend - if you ever need any recording done, or someone to play for your wedding, she is your gal.

Enough on bragging on my friend - here are the pictures! :)

After we got done with the studio, we decided to walk around outside to get some shots. 

 Rene - you are gorgeous! Love your eyes. :)

2009 Rene Orth - For Blog 20.jpg

Thanks for looking - love ya Rene!