Welcome, 2010! | Personal

So...I haven't died or forgotten about the blog. I haven't posted in a while (8 days now?) and there are good reasons. :)

I've been spending time with my family since the evening of the 23rd, actually. It's been such a great time.

The first part of our vacation, we saw my family and had Christmas with them, and we are now with Josh's family. It has been so nice to relax and enjoy the company around us at both places. Unfortunately, our vacation is coming to an end really soon and I'll have to go back to work on Monday. :( That's okay though, at least I'll feel relaxed.

So it's 2010! Wow! Can you believe it?? 2010 really crept up on me. I can't believe it.

I have some awesome pictures to still post from 2009 - a wedding, a portrait of an awesome girl who is an amazing pianist, and more! I can't wait to post those soon. I also want to post my favorite pictures of 2009, so be waiting for that post, too. :)

I often think of the word 'change' when I think of the New Year. I have a few changes I want to make, and a few aspirations for this next year. What about you? Do you have any?

I think my top 'change' I want to make in my life is to not over-commit. I don't know about you, but I often fill up my schedule so much that I have no time for anything else. Since Josh and I will be leaving to go on a trip in March overseas, we have a lot of planning to do. I really want to have the time to do it. If I continue in my past habits, my problem with saying 'no' will keep me from planning and getting ready...so, my goal is to say no a little more. :) We'll see what unfolds in the next few months.

Unfortunately I can't accompany this post with a picture because I lack my computer with all my pictures, but be looking for new posts next week!

I hope you have a happy and beautiful New Year! Enjoy 2010!