Mom & Dad | Anniversary

Meet my Mom and Dad! My Mom and Dad have reached 30 years of being married! WOW!

My Mom approached me about doing their Anniversary pictures and I was more than thrilled. In fact I couldn't wait! It was so much fun photographing them, as my parents were so fun infont of the camera and my Mom is a photographer, also. In fact, that's probably where I got it from! I can remember for every single dance I went to, I had a camera in my face. :) I don't mind it, of course. My boyfriends didn't really care for it, except my husband, who really got the bulk of the pictures because we dated so long (5.5 years!).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these pictures of my beautiful parents.

Thanks for stopping by!!  


I love that picture on the right. It's probably my favorite from the shoot! :) 

Or...maybe this next one is my favorite?? hard to choose. This picture was very cute. My Dad continually gave me these cheesy smiles and my Mom decided to come up behind him and tickle him and I caught it in the right moment! :) 

 I love my parents expressions in this next one. It's really sassy.  

Randomly, after we were walking back to my apartment, my parents and I saw this goofy looking person in a costume (advertising, It's a Grind Coffeehouse in Deep Ellum) and they were like, "Hey! Let's take a picture with him!" And, of course, I was like, "Sure! What the heck!" 

Thanks for taking a peek! Up next week I will be showing some beautiful maternity portraits of my good friend Ben and Jen! You won't want to miss these either!

Have a great afternoon!!