Jennifer & Ben | Maternity

I LOVE this couple! They are very close friends of Josh and me. We originally met Jen and Ben at our church, Watermark, through a random dinner. We then were put into the same Community Group and have been in that group for two years now! Crazy how time passes by.

One thing we love about Ben and Jen is their love for community and inviting people over. Jen is probably the most hospitable person I have ever met. She loves to host people and take care of them. They always invite us over and we play tons of games - "Settlers of Catan," "Killer Bunnies," and more. We love hanging out with them.

These are Ben and Jen's maternity portraits. She asked me to do them a while back and we finally set a time! Jen actually had her baby LAST WEEK! :) Her baby is the most adorable baby ever. :) Yay for babies!

I hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures, as this is one beautiful couple.

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I really like this picture of Ben. He looks like a model. :) 

This is one of my FAVORITES from the shoot! I love the lighting, I love their expressions and everything else! Ben and Jen you are SO adorable!!! 

Jen you are GORGEOUS! :) 

I like this image - it's totally not planned AND you can see how big that belly is! :) 

Ben was acting goofy throughout the entire shoot and Jen continued to roll her eyes. It was pretty funny to capture that on the camera. :)


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