Jay & Julia | Maternity

It was a normal day with our community group. We were sharing a meal together; all squished around a table that normally seats 7-8 people (there were 12 of us) as we heard the great news of “The Wells are having a baby!”

It was very exciting.  Not too long before that day, another girl in our group had announced that she was pregnant. At that time, there were officially two women pregnant in our group, a baby a few months old and two of us that were not pregnant, nor had never been pregnant (including myself).

It's such a fun time when all of your friends are pregnant. At least, I think it is. :)

Anyways, the Wells told me from the beginning that they wanted me to do their maternity pictures. I’ve done the maternity pictures of every single woman in our group and I figured, why not keep the tradition going? ;) You can see Samantha’s here and Jen’s here. In fact, interestingly enough, Samantha was my first ever photo shoot!

The session was a blast! Hanging out with the Wells is already awesome, so adding my camera in that mix made it a lot of fun!

Julia is due sometime next week, so I can't wait to meet the new addition to their family.

Jay and Julia – You’re going to make awesome parents. I can’t wait to meet your little one! He/She is going to be wonderful!


I love these two pics of Morgan (their dog). She just loves Jay and Julia tons!

This next photo makes me crack up. :) I love you guys! 

 I love the 'sweetness' of this next picture.

JULIA! You are SO stunning!! Your eyes are so beautiful! :) 


Congrats Jay and Julia!