Lena Pope Chapel | Venue

Venue:Lena Pope Chapel, Ft Worth TX

Not too long ago, I did a wedding at the Lena Pope Chapel, in Ft Worth. We did Mary’s bridal pictures and wedding there at this chapel.

The architecture is so well done. There are many tall windows (which can be hard for a photographer) allowing light to flow freely through the chapel, beautiful light fixtures, and so forth. It was a great place to shoot at.

After we did Mary’s bridal portraits, Mary was asked if they could use one of the pictures from her shoot on their website! What an honor to me! Mary asked me and I of course said, “Yes!” I hadn’t heard anything in a while, so I thought I’d check it out. And lo, there was the photo on the “Donations” page!

I really feel honored. If you are a bride, this is a gorgeous venue and you should check it out if you’re getting married in the DFW area.

Have a great Wednesday!