The Hartsfield Family | Family Portrait - Holiday Portrait

I first met Janelle at the church I went to while I was in college. It's hard not to want to get to know Janelle, as she is such a sweetheart. I know many people who would agree with me!

Later on, after Josh and I moved and began going to a different church, I kept up with her through her blog and watched her daughter grow up. She is the most beautiful little girl ever. That's the great things about blogs and online social networks. You can keep up with people that you could easily lose contact with when you move.

Anyways, Janelle messaged me on facebook a few weeks ago and we set up a time in the frigid cold to do a short session of her family. They were very brave. They kept telling Ella, "We're almost done!" (even though all of us knew that we still had about the entire shoot left as we just started!). It was cute.

I just LOVE this picture of Ella. She is so cute. 

Have a GREAT weekend!!