The Hall Family | Family Session

Meet the Hall/Hammon family. I LOVE this family very much. They are all very dear to my heart.

I first met the Hammon's through Apartment Life/CARES through our church. After first meeting the Hammon's there, I ended up working full time at the place where Chase worked. Pretty crazy - It's a small world after all! :)

I later met Elizabeth's Mom, Kim, through different circumstances and events, as well as Elizabeth's sisters.

Kim contacted me not too long ago wanting to get some pictures of her and her grandbabies. They were all so cute - and cranky. :) I'm not going to lie, they all needed a nap! I think everyone would agree. They cried a lot - but it made for some fun pictures!! :)

I unfortunately cannot post any of the Hammon's children because of certain laws (they are foster parents). It was really hard not posting them because their kiddo's are so cute, but, I have to obey the law. Just FYI. :)

Anyways, without further adieu, here is this beautiful family!!

These next couple pictures are so cute of Martin. He really liked his teddy bear, that's for sure. 

I love this couple! They are amazing - and very inspiring. I love their hearts. :) 

I love the quilt shots! Unfortunately I can't post the pictures of the Hammon's with their kiddos in the quilt, but trust me, it's really adorable!! 

By the way, that quilt that you see in those pictures is a quilt my Mom made me. She is an AWESOME quilter - let me tell you. She has made me three quilts and they are beautiful - very warm. And they make for great pictures! :)

Thanks for looking!