The Ortiz Family | Families

This is SUCH a beautiful family. I had such an awesome time working with them. Editing their pictures was fun too, as I laughed a lot as I looked through them! It was such a fun shoot.

I met them through another family portrait I did earlier this year (which happens to be their family). After setting up a time to go to Houston, I finally was able to meet them. The family is so sweet - from the way they interacted with each other to how they spoke with me.

I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Ortiz Family - Thank you for letting me see the beauty of your family, as it was highly encouraging to me and was an example for how I should raise my children one day and interact with them. You guys are awesome. 

I love the next set of pictures. It was like they forgot I was there and were in their own worlds. The expressions are just priceless. So much love! :) 

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