The Williams Family | Family Portrait - Holiday Portrait

Meet the Williams Family. This couple is inspiring to me. In fact, I left this shoot so thankful I was able to meet them. They have been married now for 23 years! That is a long time in our world today. And as you see in these pictures, they have SO much love for each other still. I couldn't help but pray while I was editing these pictures that my marriage would be as vibrant as theirs in 20 years.

I received an email from Sharon a few weeks ago, inquiring about a family portrait. I was more than delighted to do this for them.  After settling on what they wanted, we set a date, time and place and these pictures document what came of it.

Just like Melissa (from a previous post) both Dave and Sharon work for GAiN (Global Aid Network). They just made a transition to this organization, actually. They are really excited to see what is going to happen in the near future as they become acclimated with their new positions.

Dave and Sharon, it was a pleasure! I really hope that you and your kids enjoy these pictures for years to come. Thanks for being an encouragement to me and keep encouraging others by the unity and beauty of your marriage!!

The next few pictures, you can't help but smile! The way that Dave and Sharon look at each other melt my heart. It's so sweet. :) If you're married, or have a close significant other, you know that 'look' that other person gives you when he/she is totally in love with you. When Josh (my hubs) gives me that look, I just melt on the floor. The next few shots are that way. :) 

This next one is probably one of my favorites from the shoot. I just love it for some reason! 

I loved the 'love' that overflowed from this shoot. :) :)

Well, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope that yours is filled with much love and joy as you are with your family and friends.

Have a good one!