My Nieces | Family

Meet my NIECES! They are SO adorable. :) My little niece, Savannah, is new to this world. I'm a bad aunt though because I don't remember the date (oops!). These pictures were only when she was barely a week old. It was so much fun to take care of her when I was down. I washed her, changed her diaper, fed her, burped her, etc. etc. etc. All your normal 'auntie' duties. :) It was a lot of fun.

Since my family isn't near me, it was great to see them and be with them for a weekend. I hope to do it again soon.

Anyways, I love you Amanda (my sister) and I love your kiddos! They are so adorable and I love them (and you) very much.

These next pictures are of my crazy niece, Haelee, who loooovvveeesss fruit! The pictures below are her stuffing strawberries into her mouth. She wouldn't put just one in her mouth, but would stuff at least 3-4 large strawberries. It was pretty hillarious to watch. She is so cute! 

I absolutely love my nieces, if you couldn't tell. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate you for taking a look at my work. It's always an encouragement to me, as well, when comments are left, so feel free to take a moment and say hello!

Have a GREAT week and Thanksgiving!