Arun | Engaged

Riding public transportation to and from work makes life interesting at times. You see all kinds of things and meet all kinds of people. Sometimes it's pretty comical (like the time I saw a guy working out on one of the rails on the DART about AWKWARD!) and sometimes it's really sad and wish I could somehow stop what's happening (like the time I saw this man harassing this was EXTREMELY uncomfortable). It's interesting every day!

Arun is someone that I met when riding my bus to work everyday. We became great friends over the past year and he is now getting married! yay! 

Since Arun is from India, he's getting married in India. I wish I could go. It would be an amazing experience.

Since Arun is in the US right now, they need some pictures of him to send to India and he asked me! What an honor! So these are just a few pictures of Arun around the city! My husband Josh came along with us as well, and that was even more fun. Josh put me up on his shoulders a few times. That was pretty awesome. :)

I digress...enjoy the pictures and CONGRATS Arun! I can't WAIT to meet your bride! 

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So...what's so significant about the 13th?? It's the day he's getting MARRIED! :) I love it! 



If you haven't noticed already, Arun really likes to smile and laugh. It's pretty contagious too, when you're around him. 



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