Yes...I know we're dorks... :)

Josh and I visited some family and had some fun this past weekend. While we were having so much fun we decided to take a few really goofy shots of us. :) It was fun. And fun to edit, too. :)

My lovely husband. :) He's so handsome. I love his new beard. 

What blows my mind is that we've been together now for 8 years, and married almost for 3. It's so crazy how time flies!!

On the next pictures of me, you'll see that my hair is drastically shorter. It was an accident. I got it cut about 2 weeks ago. The guy that cut my hair didn't speak English very well (this has happened to me'd think I would have learned the first time!!) and he didn't quite understand what I wanted. This is what I ended up with. At first I despised it and cried quite a few times. Now I like it and am almost on the verge of loving it. I mean, I really have no choice. So I can either be sad or just happy I have hair. So I'll choose the latter. :)

We're okay with our dorky-ness. :)

Hope you're having a great week!!