Thalia & Caitlyn | Baby Portrait (Twins!)

Oh how I adored these two little girls!!!!! Thalia and Caitlyn were 3 months old when I took these pictures. They are SO adorable. I had a hard time telling them a part at first.

I met their Mom, Suzanne, at The Pound (CrossFit Plano) during workouts. I met her whenever she was about 4 months into being pregnant. I was always inspired at how Suzanne continued to work out hard while she was pregnant with twins. It always gave me an extra dose of determination, especially for those days when I didn't want to go and I knew she was probably there.

Suzanne and James have a beautiful family. I was so privleged to be able to capture it all on camera!

Thanks, Suzanne and James, for letting me into your lives for one afternoon! It was a joy!



I think this next picture is my favorite from the shoot. I love their eyes and the lighting. It's just beautiful. They're beautiful! 



Happy Thursday! Hope you enjoy your weekend!