I rarely have my photo taken (because I'm always behind it). Thanks to my husband for capturing this one!

I rarely have my photo taken (because I'm always behind it). Thanks to my husband for capturing this one!

Hello and welcome to Transparent Life Photography! I'm glad you stopped by!

My name is Ashley and I'm a photographer who desires to use her camera to inspire people to change. I have a passion for showing beauty and shared humanity in this world.

What is shared humanity? It's simple. The earth we live in sometimes can put up boundaries or stereotypes between us, due to our languages, our cultural habits/lifestyles, or even our religions, morals or ethics. However, one thing is true. We are all human. We all have the same needs and I believe even deep down, we all have the desire for purpose in our lives. My camera is the tool I use to show this.

Living and working in a third-world country, my perspective has changed over time as I've seen the beauty of diversity in this world. Growing up, I had a fear of anyone different than me. It's been an interesting journey over the years as I've conquered my fears and let me tell you--it's pretty awesome to get over that wall and experience all the unique people God created!

So my goal is to show the world with my camera that everyone on earth, no matter what race, ethnicity or religion, are at a basic level the same. We all have different stories and goals for our lives, which are so fun for me to share. I think commonality can bring peace and remove fear of the unknown. It did in my life!

I hope that over time, you too will gather up the courage to be with people different than you (if you haven't already) and to build friendships with those who you wouldn't naturally be drawn to. It will ruin you in a good way--promise! 

I really am so glad that you've stopped by. I'd love to get to know you more. Feel free to contact me by the contact form on my website or by emailing me directly at: ashley@transparentlifephotos.com. You can also check out my blog, which I try to update 4-6 times a week.

Look forward to hearing from you!